Cinnarbar Protection Bracelet With Elephant Pendant

$24.99 $36.49

Recommended for people with blocked root chakra/throat chakra.

The Root Chakra:

Cinnabar stone has been labeled as the "Merchant Stone." It is known as a stone for wealth creation and manifestation. The energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business. 

The Third Eye Chakra:

Cinnabar stone helps with your communication and inspired thinking.

If you are looking to attract financial wealth, aids your sense of grounding, stay mindful, wear your Cinnabar bracelet. This bracelet is specially designed to help you bring abundance to your life and stay mindful. 

Note: Cinnabar stone is a kind of mercury sulfide minerals. However, mercury sulfide minerals are insoluble and quite safe to handle and wear. It presents a poisoning hazard only ingested in large amounts.  

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