ChakraLands "Inner-Strength" Triplet Bracelet for Solar Plexus Chakra Bring Luck and Prosperity - Pyrite - hematite -south red agate - Crystal Bracelet

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Product Details

Recommended for people with blocked SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

Made with pyrite, hematite, and south red agate, this “Inner-Strength” triplet bracelet is designed to help you to re-connect with your power within.

 Wear this bracelet if you always expect the worst in a situation, can't stop ruminating your negative feelings, or lack the motivation to become who you want to be.

 The energy stones used in this bracelet form a combination to connect you with your inner power. It will help you to let go of your self-doubt, rebuild your confidence and regain your self-motivation by understanding who you really are, and who you could become.

 Remember, everything you need, you have within. you just have to connect with it; You know what you can be, what you can do, and you are the only person who can make that happen.

 Suitable for people with unbalanced (underactive/overactive) solar plexus chakra.

Stone Details


Pyrite stimulates your Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura), which increases your motivation and willpower and fills you with determination to achieve your goals. As one of the strongest energies related to success, pyrite helps you find opportunities that could be easily missed. Pyrite also provides energy for your Solar Plexus chakra.

South Red Agate:

South red agate is the stone of grounding and stability. It establishes stability on your journey to success, and its grounding nature encourages you to put effort into your goals. It also attracts wealth and abundance, so your efforts will never be for nothing.


Hematite strengthens your intention and willpower. It helps you focus on your goals and stay strong. When combined with pyrite and south red agate, hematite is a great tool to facilitate bringing your thoughts into reality.

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