ChakraLands "Fearless" Bracelet - For Protection - Black Tourmaline - South Red Agate - Root Chakra Bracelet - Healing Crystal Bracelet

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Product Details

Recommended for people with blocked ROOT CHAKRA.

Made with south red agate and black tourmaline, the perfect crystal energy combination of protection and stabilization, the “fearless” bracelet balances and heals your root chakra (Muladhara), provides stability, and helps attract wealth in your life.

Wear this bracelet if you are trying to move to the next level of financial wealth and abundance.

Stone Details

South Red Agate:

Red agate is the power source of root chakra.

The chakra energy within this gemstone will help heal and rebalance your root chakra, establish stability, and open up your body energy to attract positive energy, financial wealth, and abundance.

Black Tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is known for its grounding nature.

This means that when combined with other crystals, black tourmaline helps purify the energy of those gemstones and channel it through your body’s energy system.

Black tourmaline also helps align the energy centers of your body and creates a connection between your spirit and Earth.

When used alone, black tourmaline provides protection from negative energy, anxiety, and psychic attacks.

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