ChakraLands "Courage" Bracelet For Protection - south red agate - black onyx Root Chakra Bracelet Healing Crystal Bracelet

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Product Details

Recommended for people with blocked ROOT CHAKRA.

If you feel anxious for no reason, worry a lot, or have underlying health conditions that can’t be explained by Western medicine, your root chakra may be affected by negative energy fields.

This protection bracelet can help you.

Made with south red agate and black onyx, this bracelet will cleanse and drive away negative energies inside your root chakra and shield you from other negative energy you might encounter in life.

With the protection this bracelet provides, you will have a positive, stable, and abundant life.

Stone Details

South Red Agate:

Red agate is the power source of root chakra.

The chakra energy within this gemstone will help heal and rebalance your root chakra, establish stability, and open up your body energy to attract positive energy, financial wealth, and abundance.


Black Onyx:

One of the most ancient stones, onyx was known and utilized by even the earliest civilizations.

This deep dark stone was commonly used as amulets on swords, shields, and armor to protect and bring good luck to warriors in battle.

Black Onyx is grounding and stable. It has the energy to boost strength and endurance as well as provide protection and defense against negativities that are consciously directed toward you. 

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