ChakraLands "Authentic Self" Bracelet For Self-Expression - kyanite - Throat Chakra Bracelet Healing Crystal Bracelet

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Product Details

Recommended for people with blocked THROAT CHAKRA.

If you feel uncomfortable holding your ground when confronted by other people, give in when you should speak your truth, or avoid conflict only to start a war within yourself, this bracelet is for you.

Made with kyanite, the stone of “two strengths,” this bracelet will boost your throat chakra energy so you can effectively express yourself and remind you to hold your position and speak up when your voice should be heard.

When you speak your own truths, you set healthy boundaries for yourself; others will respect you and follow your rules.


Stone Details:


In Greek, Kyanite was once commonly called disthene,  which means “two strengths.” It encourages two-way communication, balance, and fair relationships. Its energy unblocks clogs in the throat chakra and bridges gaps in communication efforts. It will encourage you to express yourself and establish fair, balanced communication so you won’t back off when you should hold your position.


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