ChakraLands "At One With Universe" Bracelet For Spiritual Growth -rainbow moonstone - hematite Crown Chakra Bracelet Healing Crystal Bracelet

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Product Details

Recommended for people with blocked CROWN CHAKRA. 

If you have sleep problems, feel a lack of purpose, are fatigued for no reason, or struggle with loneliness, there is a good chance your crown chakra is blocked—this crown chakra healing bracelet is for you.

Made with rainbow moonstone and hematite, this bracelet will remove any energy clogs in your crown chakra and connect you with reality and the universe again.

Let this bracelet help you turn the plans in your mind into abundant reality.


Stone Details:

Rainbow Moonstone:

As its name suggests, rainbow moonstone is the stone of the moon.

It contains energy to energize and heal your crown chakra and promotes higher consciousness.

Because of its feminine property, the moonstone’s energy is especially beneficial for women; it helps reconnect their energy centers with their inner goddess and brings harmony and peace.


Hematite infuses your core with strong grounding energies to help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually realign; establishes stability and abundance in your life; eases anxiety; and helps bring your plans into reality.

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