ChakraLands Amethyst Geode

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Product Details

This beautifully formed cluster consists entirely of Amethyst, vastly enhancing healing energies when placed in the home. Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or you simply feel like you need guidance in your life, this lovely cluster will help you resolve those issues.

The gentle, nourishing energy of Amethyst instills deep calmness that naturally creates a soothing, joyful atmosphere in the home. When it’s an Amethyst cluster, the nourishing embrace of Amethyst is greatly enhanced, stress and anxiety fade away, and you are left with newfound courage and strength in your heart to pursue a more joyful life.

If this beautifully formed Amethyst cluster has caught your eye, perhaps your intuition is guiding you towards the much-needed answers and guidance in your life, because Amethyst is a crystal that connects with the Third Eye Chakra.

Through harnessing and enhancing the connection with the Third Eye, Amethyst promotes inner and outer balance, helping you attain clarity, and spiritual awareness. Because Amethyst is also a deeply spiritual crystal, the enhanced energy from the cluster also stimulates the Crown Chakra, which helps to attain a sense of unity with yourself and the Universe.

  • Boost your intuition
  • Heals your third Eye Chakra
  • Connect with your amethyst geode when you want to have a new perspective


Amethyst clusters are crystals that truly have endless uses, because of the diverse and versatile amplified healing energy of amethyst. This beautiful cluster can help you with:

  • Sleep Improvement - Place it in the bedroom to ease yourself into sleep & improve your quality of sleep.
  • Energy Enhancement - If you are dealing with uneasiness or low energy levels in your home, then place your Amethyst Cluster in your living room.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief - Whenever you feel that stress is overwhelming you gently hold your Amethyst Cluster and focus on taking deep breaths. Its soothing energy enhanced with the mindful breathing will help you regain calmness and clarity even in the most chaotic situation.
  • Meditation/ Yoga - Place the Amethyst cluster close to the meditation area in your home to ease yourself into a meditative state, and to improve awareness and focus during your meditation/yoga sessions.

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