How Opening Your Heart Chakra Can Deepen Your Capacity to Love

Posted by Lyana Pearson on Jul 18th 2019

The heart chakra is one of our most powerful energy centers within our etheric body. Because our heart unites our lower, denser chakras to the more etheric chakras in our upper body, this center plays a major part in how effectively energy flows through our whole system. Our 4th chakra also plays a critical role in how we relate to and connect with the people in our lives. It’s where we receive energetic information coming from other people—like their true intentions—and where we feel the emotions of the people we interact with.

Our heart chakra affects our relationships in many subtle and not so subtle ways. It’s easy to see that if we close ourselves off and shut our heart center because we’ve experienced a broken heart, that we won’t be open to receiving love from another person. However, the more subtle side of your heart is its capacity for being open to opportunities through gratitude and the joy you allow through opening up to the energy flow that’s all around you.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways your heart chakra affect your relationship (negatively as well as positively), and offer some suggestions for things you can do to heal, open and energize your incredible 4th chakra.

1. What does a healthy heart chakra relationship look like?

Couples who both have open, balanced heart chakras tend to also have healthy, loving relationships. They’re happy being in each other’s presence and love spending time together, but are also comfortable giving each other space to blossom individually.

They’re often surrounded with friends. When a heart center is open, it radiates a sense of welcome that feels good to be around. These couples are accepting of each other, themselves and other people, and tend not to judge. They make a good listener because they genuinely care.

Heart chakra couples often get involved in humanitarian causes and are some of the most generous people, however, they also know how to set healthy boundaries with loving detachment. They know how to take time out for themselves, unapologetically engaging in loving self-care, which usually includes some form of spiritual practice.

Honesty is important to people with a balanced 4th chakra. They can be fearless at self-searching and find their own authenticity to be paramount. They’re seekers who enjoy putting their energy into activities that improve the lives of their community. These people tend to be well respected and often have extraordinary opportunities flowing into their lives.

Other ways an aligned heart chakra affects your life and your relationship include:

  • Manifesting with ease
  • Loving without attachment
  • Trusting and trustworthiness
  • Encouraging of others
  • Authenticity
  • Forgiveness
  • Lightness
  • Peace
  • Joyful
  • Loving
  • Gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Being Inspired
  • Compassionate
  • Finding creativity
  • Coherence (between heart and mind)
  • Yielding
  • Strength
  • Fearlessness
  • All-in attitude
  • Adventure driven

2. How does an imbalanced or blocked chakra affect your relationship?

Your heart center is where you send and receive love. It’s also where you feel gratitude, allow or pinch off the flow of the life-giving Source energy, and of your own natural state of joy.

If you’re guarded because of past heartache, you may be closing off this center. When closing your heart, you not only pinch off how much joy and love you can feel, you also close yourself off from wonderful opportunities coming your way. You may not even notice that extraordinary person who just waltzed into your life for the amazing partner they could be.

If you’re in relationship, you may have a difficult time connecting on a deep enough level to really bond. Your partner may experience you as detached and unavailable. You may say things that you don’t mean when engaging in disagreements and become easily annoyed. Stuffing emotions can cause explosive arguments, apathy or feelings of guilt.

When your heart center is closed, you’re less likely to value self-care and may be quick to judge others who do. You’ll find more disruptive influences entering your life because your emotions are in a holding pattern, creating challenges and keeping you from hearing your own inner guidance.

Other ways a blocked or imbalanced heart chakra affect your life and relationship include:

  • Reluctance to let go of the past
  • Holding onto grudges
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Cruelty when arguing
  • Difficulty connecting
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Inability to feel love
  • Bottled emotions
  • Lacking trust
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Bitterness
  • Fear of betrayal
  • Lack of empathy
  • Low self esteem

3. How can you heal your love life through heart chakra healing?

Our 4th chakra is where we allow the flow of love to and from each other, and it’s where we connect with each other in the most valuable way. Here are a few things you can do to begin to open your heart chakra to experience love without fear or reservation.

#1 The magic of the heart: manifesting your ideal life partner

You have the capacity to be a wellspring of love and compassion. When your heart chakra is open, other people feel good in your presence. You easily draw wonderful people into your life and one of those may be your ideal mate. In order to allow your ideal mate into your life, you first must be open. Next, work on remaining open no matter what comes your way in life. Be the love you wish to receive in your life. Give the love you desire from another person. Being open, you allow joy and gratitude into your heart and envisioning the partnership you want from this elevated emotional space has a much greater potential to create the love you desire and attract a mate that is right for you.

#2 Heart Chakra Meditation

In Sanskrit the word for our heart chakra is Anahata, which means “unstruck sound.” This is the sound not heard with the ears, but perceived through the heart. Our heart center is a receiving and transmitting station far more powerful than most of us know, and has the ability to sense directional guidance from our Higher Selves as well. Be still often and listen to what your heart is telling you.

Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart. Breathe deeply in and out. Imagine a lotus flower inside your chest. As you breathe in, see the lotus fill with radiant light. As you exhale, imagine the flower opening up, spreading its petals and releasing that radiant light as energy that flows out into the space around your body. Each time you take a breath, see the light swirling around your body. See the light extending out about a foot-width distance all around you, then expanding to fill the room you’re in, and then even further out.

Feel the warmth of your heart open and soften under your hands. Sense the energy flowing in and out of this center. Use this meditation often to keep your heart chakra open, especially when you feel it beginning to close, irritation starting to rise, or negative emotions attempting to flow in. Let them flow in. An open heart chakra allows all energies to flow through without getting stuck in our bodies or causing any harm.

#3 Build your self-esteem: shamelessly love thyself!

People who have a solid sense of self are appealing because they’re whole and radiate inner strength. One of the most important things you can do in your process of building self-esteem is beginning to watch the thoughts and words you say about yourself. If you have a tendency to put yourself down, even in subtle ways, you may not realize just how powerful are the suggestions you’re giving to your subconscious mind about how you feel about you. Pay closer attention to your words and when you catch yourself using negative or undermining language, correct yourself. Pay extra special attention to what follows the words, “I am.” What would you say about someone you adore? You’re just as precious. Talk about yourself as if you know this fact.

#4 Pamper Yourself:

Take an extra long shower, allowing the water to soothe and heal you. Allow extra time to move more slowly through your morning routine when getting ready. Groom yourself and wear clothes that you feel good in. Light a candle or incense, put on a deliciously soft robe and curl up with some good tea and an enlightening book. Get a massage or a haircut. Take yourself out to a movie, dinner, or a walk along the beach. Drink plenty of water and nourish yourself with nutrient-rich foods.

#5 Dance: whirling in ecstasy

Feeling the elevated emotion of love allows for expansion of consciousness. Another way to feel that kind of elation is to through dancing. Put on some music that really lights your fire and demands movement from your body. Throw your head back and twirl like little children do. Jump around and jiggle your shoulders. Have fun with your body, swing your arms around wildly and make yourself laugh. Better yet, dance with your partner or with a friend and forget—for just a moment—about being proper or looking cool. When we can act as little children do, our hearts open wide. It’s in these moments that joy, love and gratitude pour in. You become a powerful radiating magnet! Imagine a life with a heart chakra that’s always open, and the quality relationship that this internal state brings.

Have you noticed how the openness of your heart affects your relationships? What are some of the things you do to feel joy and gratitude, or to open your heart chakra to love? Tell us below in the comments.