Giving a New Voice to Your Relationship Through a Healed Throat Chakra

Posted by Lyana Pearson on Jul 26th 2019

Your throat chakra is associated with speaking your truth, practicing honesty and expressing your authentic self. How you speak and express yourself with your partner is intricately interwoven into the fabric and quality of your relationship with them.

Being authentic in a relationship is crucial for bonding deeply with another human soul. Likewise, consistently finding the compassionate way to be honest with yourself and others is integral to firmly grounded relationships, as well as your own self-respect. When you speak your truth in a loving way, you are better able to get your needs met and feel at home in your own skin—which in turn leads to being comfortable in connection with others.

In this article we’ll talk about the ways that a healthy or unbalanced throat chakra can affect your relationships and how to heal this 5th energy center in your etheric body so you can enjoy the fullest, deepest and most rewarding partnerships.

What does a healthy throat chakra relationship look like?

Couples with balanced throat chakras use words beautifully with each other. They speak compassionately, openly and honestly. Theirs is a relationship that inspires others with its level of ease. The throat chakra relationship is a comfortable and life affirming one, brought about through emotional restraint, authentic expression and a lifetime of inner work on turning the ego over.

These people are practiced at speaking truth in the kindest and most encouraging way. They find it easy to ask for what they need and know how to disagree without arguing. In fact, you’ll find these partners laughing frequently together and may never hear them disagree, as they are highly capable of finding compromise long before that point.

People with balanced 5th chakras fully understand the power of words and choose them deliberately, engaging only in uplifting, encouraging and pure intentioned conversations. You won’t find this couple gossiping about anyone!

Other attributes that healthy throat chakra couples share include:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Compassionate
  • Eloquence
  • Articulate
  • Self control
  • Poetic
  • Self love
  • Encouraging
  • Strong, clear voice
  • Appreciation for art, music and laughter
  • Love to read and add new words to their vocabulary
  • Understand the power of sound and of words
  • Adeptness with controlling emotions and ego
  • Practice restraint of pen and tongue
  • Working toward a healthy ego
  • Practice what they preach

What does an imbalanced throat chakra couple look like?

The couple that has imbalanced throat chakras may argue frequently. Often, one partner is overbearing with their voice and does most of the speaking, while the other is soft spoken and doesn’t say much. For balance to be restored, both partners need to learn how to speak with clear, authentic and compassionate truth.

When a couple is imbalanced in their 5th energy centers, they can be disrespectful. When first learning the practice of speaking their truth, many people begin saying things that are harmful to another, and have not yet learned the art of compassionate honesty. This couple may not yet have mastery over their emotional reactions and tend to speak out of the ego. They may be dishonest with each other and in denial about their own motivations. Authenticity hasn’t yet become a part of who they present to the world, even behind closed doors.

Other ways an imbalanced 5th chakra can manifest in relationship include:

  • Yelling/forceful speech
  • Bottled up emotions
  • Swallowed speech
  • Argumentative
  • Rapid speech
  • Dishonesty
  • Shyness
  • Stuttering
  • Migraines
  • Nonstop talking
  • Missing a verbal filter
  • Speaking softly/inaudibly
  • Trailing off when speaking
  • Frequent throat/ear infections

How does healing your throat chakra heal your relationship?

Healing your 5th chakra will lead to healthier communication, and move you toward feeling heard. We all want support from our partners and they can only support us if they know what we need. This requires a high level of self-awareness and the ability to articulate our desires. If we can go about this in a compassionate way that takes full ownership of our own wellbeing without holding our partner responsible for our happiness and fulfillment, our partners will be in a better position to support us.

Healing this center also creates a level of honesty and accountability that provides a firmer footing for your relationship. You can bond more deeply when you’re being real with each other.

Some other things to consider in your relationship when healing your throat chakra:

Speaking to be heard.

Being asked often to speak up is an indicator that your throat chakra is out of alignment. If your partner is always asking you to repeat yourself or speak up, they may become frustrated and eventually give up trying to hear you. Practice raising the volume of your voice when you speak, even if you already sound loud within your own echoing cranium. Your partner asking you to speak up is confirmation that they value what you have to say.

Words have power.

Practice using only those words you want to become manifest in your life and in your relationships. If you complain about your partner, for instance, chances are that the behavior you find offensive will not only continue, it can become more pronounced. If you instead focus on the things that endear you to your partner, and voice your appreciation for those behaviors and traits, you’re much more likely to experience more of the things you love from them.

Self-mastery is sexy.

Imagine the amount of power you have when you can control your emotional reactions and choose your words deliberately. When you can express yourself without flying off the handle, saying things you don’t mean or using blameful words, you’re more likely to be heard, understood and supported. Choosing your words thoughtfully can lead to more fulfilling outcomes and keeping your ego out of the conversation means you’re more likely to accurately hear what’s being said and where’s it’s coming from.

What are things you can do to heal your throat chakra?

Being able to use your voice is essential, not only for yourself, but also for others who benefit from your unique perspective. Clearing and balancing your throat chakra is a great way to open up to using your voice more. There are simple techniques you can incorporate for healing this center, including sound healing, repeating affirmations aloud, and this throat chakra meditation.

Other things you can do to heal and open your throat chakra include:

  • Volunteer to give presentations about your subject matter
  • Take a interpersonal communications class
  • Take assertiveness training
  • Join a chorus and sing
  • Verbalize a gratitude list daily
  • Read spiritually loving materials
  • Release the need to control another person
  • Wear turquoise, aquamarine or your favorite blue hue around or close to your neck

Things you can do together to heal your throat chakras.

Nothing is quite as bonding as when two people heal together. Following are some ideas for opening your 5th chakras in partnership.

Imago conversations. Learn about and incorporate Imago Dialogue mirroring techniques in conversation with each other. This practice requires listening attentively and mirroring with affirmative statements that allows each partner to feel heard. When used on a regular basis, the more challenging conversations can take place in a calm, loving way that strengthens your love for each other and builds valuable communication skills that can be used with anyone.

Sing karaoke together. Find a local nightclub that has karaoke night, get up on stage and sing a duet.

Meditate together. Sitting together in silence can be an incredibly powerful way to attune to each other and your own inner voice. When you emerge, you will both be calm. With practice, you’ll both be more at peace and have a better sense of the important things to communicate.

Breath together. Pranayama exercises can calm or energize the mind and body. Sitali Pranayam is a breathing exercise you can do together for opening your throat chakra. This breath also cools down heat in the body, and calms the mind, helping you to communicate in a more relaxed way. For this exercise, you’ll push your tongue out, cupping or curling the tip into the shape of a straw (or simply pushing your tongue out if yours doesn’t curl). Close your mouth over your tongue, (allowing a small space for air if your tongue isn’t curled). Slowly sip air in through your ‘straw,’ mentally saying the word “Sat” which means truth. Pull your tongue in and close your mouth. Exhale through your nose slowly, mentally saying “Nam,” which means identity. Repeat this process ten times together.

Have you incorporated practices in your relationship for opening your throat chakra? We’d love to hear about your ideas! Share you experiences in the comments below.