Can Your Third Eye Chakra Boost Intuition?

Posted by Lyana Pearson on May 28th 2019

Your third eye chakra is the 6th energy center in your subtle body and your second spiritual chakra. This spinning vortex of energy is located behind the center of your forehead, about 3 - 4 inches … read more

How Does Your 5th Chakra Affect Your Truth?

Posted by Lyana Pearson on May 21st 2019

Your throat chakra is the 5th energy center in your etheric body, located in the region of your throat. The seat of projected self-expression and communication (with the outer world as well as inte … read more

Can an Open Heart Chakra Bring Abundance?

Posted by Lyana Pearson on May 14th 2019

One of the ways to find happiness and ease in your life is through opening your heart chakra. Ideally, you’ll work toward keeping this center open all of the time, so you experience more love in you … read more

Do You Need Solar Plexus Chakra Healing?

Posted by Lyana Pearson on May 6th 2019

Your solar plexus chakra is the third spinning vortex of energy in your subtle body.The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Manipura, which translates to “shining or lustrous gem.” The color associated … read more

Is Your Sacral Chakra Out of Balance?

Posted by Lyana Pearson on May 2nd 2019

Your sacral chakra is the second chakra in your subtle body. One of seven major chakras, this energy center is located in the lower abdomen, a few inches below your navel. When healthy, your 2nd ch … read more