ChakraLands Balance Bracelet For Inspiration - Blue Sandstone Sacral Chakra Bracelet Stone Bracelet

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Product Details

This beautiful bracelet was crafted entirely from Blue Sandstone, with one purpose in mind – to help you excel at life! Whether you deal with lack of motivation, your job endeavors aren’t going well or you simply feel that you are not in charge of your own life, this beautiful bracelet will help you find courage and strength to rise above those issues.

Blue Sandstone is a lovely crystal, often considered as an energy enhancer that promotes ambition and enthusiasm. Its uplifting energy connects and heals multiple chakras:

  • Sacral Chakra – By connecting and healing the sacral chakra, Blue Sandstone enhances creativity and passion, helping you move forward in your career.
  • Throat Chakra – Although it’s used to restore balance to other chakras, its deepest connection runs with the Throat Chakra. Whenever you wear this beautiful bracelet, you will find that self-expression is never an issue for you, and connecting through communication will come naturally.
  • Crown Chakra – By connecting with the Crown chakra, the beautiful Blue Sandstone brings unity with yourself and the Universe, giving you the wisdom to create a fulfilling life for yourself.

Its strong vibrations along with the harmony it brings to the chakras help in not only finding your inner, true passion but also in finding the strength and wisdom to pursue it. Wear the beautiful Blue Goldstone bracelet whenever you need help and strength to move forward in life!


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